CS Group has 40+ registered product patents, our product ranges include wall protection systems, entrance matting systems, specialist coatings for walls and floors, expansion joint covers, solar shading, louvres, cubicle curtain track and pressure relief systems.

These have been successfully installed in many of the world’s most prestigious buildings, across a spectrum of business sectors including healthcare, transport, retail, education, leisure and commercial offices.


CS wall and door protection products are designed to guard walls and doors against damage while helping to maintain safety in public and commercial environments. The robust protection offered by CS products is ideal for environments such as healthcare, education, food & retail, leisure, hospitality and many other commercial environments.


CS Entrance Matting Systems combine reliable functionality with stunning good looks. The mats offer excellent anti-slip protection and do an efficient job of removing dirt and moisture from footwear, which dramatically reduces the chance of slip and trip accidents at a building’s entrance. With the versatility to offer tailored inserts and mat shapes, it’s easy to match new or existing interiors.


Buildings can move due to wind sway, building settlement, thermal expansion / contraction or seismic activity. In order to stop structural movement from causing damage to internal and external finishes, expansion joints are incorporated into buildings, from top to bottom and from back to front. An expansion joint is effectively a structural gap designed to accommodate the movement of a building.


Architectural louvres have a diverse range of uses for both engineers and building designers. Required on most buildings to allow airflow in and out of the building, architectural louvres often have to provide protection from rain ingress. Louvres can also be used to provide aesthetic and economic screening for unsightly equipment or building façades.

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