CS™ Expansion Joint Covers


When specifying Expansion Joint Covers (EJCs) for a building, it’s important to bear in mind that it’s the FLOOR EJCs that have the most significant impact on a building’s occupants and its maintenance. In addition to aesthetic preferences there are important factors that need to be considered, such as the EJC’s ability to handle rolling loads; or its ability to help maintain hygiene standards in public areas. Expansion Joint Covers also need to blend in with the existing interior elements.


The CS range of wall & ceiling expansion joint covers (EJCs), perfectly matches the CS range of floor expansion joints. We supply EJCs for all applications, from drywall to suspended ceilings and for most movement ranges. To accommodate the varying project specifications and aesthetic requirements, there is an extensive range of CS Wall & Ceiling EJC’s available.


Expansion joint covers in car parks must be able to withstand the challenges of regular vehicular movement over the joint, in both internal and external areas. Waterproof properties are essential to withstand all weather conditions. ABS West offers a range of CS expansion joint covers, specifically designed to meet the demanding movement challenges presented by interior & exterior parking structures, from simple compression seals to highly engineered metal covers.


In addition to meeting the challenges of seismic & thermal movement, exterior expansion joint covers must also be able to withstand harsh exterior conditions including extreme weather events, very high UV levels and substantial temperature fluctuations. As exterior EJCs can be difficult to monitor & maintain, it’s vital to choose a product that delivers high performance over the long-term, without the need for regular maintenance. ABS West supplies a range of CS expansion joint covers specifically designed to stand up to harsh exterior conditions, while reliably handling multi-directional, seismic movements.


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